Upgrading to Imperia Account: Unlocking HDFC Diners Black Card

For many HDFC customers, the Diners Black Card is a coveted possession, offering a host of benefits and privileges. However, the eligibility criteria for this card can be quite stringent, leading many to wonder if upgrading their account to an Imperia account can increase their chances of obtaining this card. In this article, we will explore the relationship between the Imperia account and the HDFC Diners Black Card, and whether an upgrade can indeed unlock this premium credit card.

Understanding the Imperia Account

The Imperia account is a premium banking solution offered by HDFC. It comes with a host of benefits including priority service, a dedicated relationship manager, and preferential pricing on various banking products. However, it requires a higher Average Monthly Balance (AMB) compared to regular savings accounts.

Eligibility for HDFC Diners Black Card

The HDFC Diners Black Card is a super-premium credit card that offers unparalleled benefits such as unlimited airport lounge access, 10X reward points on certain categories, and a low foreign currency markup fee. However, it has stringent eligibility criteria. The applicant must have a high net worth and a strong credit history. The bank also considers the applicant’s relationship with the bank, which includes the type of account and the duration of the relationship.

Does Upgrading to Imperia Account Increase Chances of Getting Diners Black Card?

While upgrading to an Imperia account does reflect positively on your relationship with the bank, it does not guarantee the approval of a Diners Black Card application. The approval is based on multiple factors including your credit score, income level, and overall financial health. However, having an Imperia account might give you an edge as it indicates a higher net worth and a strong banking relationship.

Steps to Upgrade to an Imperia Account

If you decide to upgrade to an Imperia account, you can follow these steps:

  • Contact your nearest HDFC branch or your relationship manager.
  • Express your interest in upgrading to an Imperia account.
  • They will guide you through the process, which may include filling out forms and providing additional documentation.


While upgrading to an Imperia account can potentially increase your chances of obtaining a Diners Black Card, it is not a guaranteed pathway. It is important to maintain a strong credit history, a high income level, and a healthy financial relationship with the bank. If you meet these criteria, the Diners Black Card can be a valuable addition to your financial portfolio, offering a host of benefits and privileges.